The best piadine romagnole in Milan

The Romagna people arrive in Milan and bring the real PGI piadina with lard, as well as a series of variations (from the burger to the “pizza romagnola”). Here are the places to eat it
Piadina is at home in Milan. In the realm of the michetta, and then of the hamburgers, the mania of the piadina now spreads at a fast pace. The first artisan piadineri opened years ago, some even became a franchise like La Piadineria, but now in the Lombard capital arrive the Romagna people, the real ones. With their gourmet piade, the “pizza romagnole” with tomato and mozzarella and the versions with burger. The lard seemed to have disappeared, mercilessly replaced by extra virgin olive oil, but now you can finally eat the real PGI piadina here too. And he is already a gourmet of his own without wanting to add anything special to it.

Kalamaro Piadinaro

The most fashionable restaurant in Riccione arrives in Milan with its culinary experiments and a place with a metropolitan tone. The idea is simple: piadina combined with high quality ingredients, until it becomes a gourmet. A classic IGP dough with lard and Cervia salt, burnt wheat, spelt, multigrain, broken wheat, to be stuffed in the traditional way with Parma ham DOP 18/20 months, squacquerone di Romagna DOP and rocket or choosing from the menu of Specials with piadas like these: with marinated tuna, mozzarella, salad and raw vegetables. Signature dish, piada with squid burger.
Piazza Olivetti 3 (Symbiosis district, Fondazione Prada area)

Kalamaro Piadinaro.

Managed in Romagna, the Pidaza format arrives in Milan with the first venue in the city and the first of a plan to expand abroad. Ingredients from Romagna, corners to buy specialities from Romagna such as wines, beers, ceramics, aprons, glasses… The names of the piadas are those of the municipalities of Romagna and you can also eat the “pizza romagnola”, or tomato and mozzarella on the basis of the piada.
Via Pioppette, 3 (Colonne di San Lorenzo)

Pidaza – pizza from Romagna.

Divine Piadina
The perfect stop after a cocktail at the Bar Basso or before a film at the Plinius cinema. Divina Piadina works with a rolling pin, in a handcrafted way, and currently stretched by hand on an original cast iron plate. Selected ingredients such as the classic Crudo di Langhirano, but also fragments of horse, bresaola, caciotta tartufata. It also mixes wholemeal and beautiful chopping boards.
Viale Abruzzi, 21

Piadineria Craftsmanship Pastures

The atmosphere is modern and friendly, and the piadina made at the time. The portions and fillings are not pantagruelic, but the result is still satisfactory, especially if you choose those rolled with chicken or sausage. On the 7€ each.
Via Niccolò Paganini, 2 (Loreto)

Once upon a time… a pity

From a local they have become four with a simple formula: good product, doughs with organic flour, more than honest prices that are around 5-6 €. The decor of the premises is difficult to digest and ranges from the country style of the shop in Repubblica to the very rustic (and more elegant) one in Via Gian Galeazzo.
Piazza San Gioachimo, 5 (Republic)
Viale Coni Zugna, 37 (S. Agostino)
Via Raffaello Sanzio, 29 (De Angeli)
Viale Gian Galeazzo, 19 (Porta Ticinese)